Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hello again!

Now that the stitched portrait project has been over for a few months I've had time to work on some other things and focus on ideas for the future. But I've missed the daily process of doing SOME ONE THING on a daily basis. It was difficult to keep up for a whole year, but the doing forced me to find things in a way that is similar to school but better - because it was self driven. I learned about some of the most interesting people ever and read a lot of books, watched many films, and generally made myself smarter by drawing one thing in this way, everyday. And then, once all of the little pieces came together in a visual and sequential way - I was blown away.

I've been hesitant to begin again, but stumbled across a new subject that has been interesting me - How do you draw wind? Over the next month I will attempt to answer this question day by day throughout May.

And May seemed perfect because of this:

Winds of May
Winds of May, that dance on the sea,
Dancing a ring-around in glee
From furrow to furrow, while overhead
The foam flies up to be garlanded,
In silvery arches spanning the air,
Saw you my true love anywhere?
Welladay! Welladay!
For the winds of May!
Love is unhappy when love is away!
- James Joyce

Thank you for listening.
Day one, 5/1/2013: