Monday, May 14, 2012

Stitched Portraits: Comedian's Weekend

On Saturday I wrestled all day with the question - draw Burt Bacharach or George Carlin?

The deciding factor came down to the fact that George Carlin, despite his crass and biting humor, was a very sweet man. Burt Bacharach just wrote sweet songs. Not to downplay them, they're actually some of the sweetest songs ever written, but he had 4 wives and I just preferred to draw someone a little bit more committed to his women. (Carlin was married twice in his lifetime. The first left him a widower. The second, he widowed.) I know this might be seen as a bad reason, but sometimes I need any reason in order to make it easier.

On Sunday, the choice was simple and also led to a full weekend of Comedian portraits. Colbert is a hero who has done more to cripple the bombastic talking heads of politics than any other. Through his brilliant mock persona, he has brought silliness to a place where it was only ever unintended. Plus, he played Chuck Noblet in Strangers with Candy.

George Carlin & Stephen Colbert (a conversation):

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