Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stitched Portraits: Bill Blass

I'm off to Craftland today to deliver the first portrait for the "mystery week" that is hanging next to the finished pieces in the stitched portrait show, Today is a Birthday.

Thursday night, June 21, saw the opening, where I selected 30 pieces from the project and put up 7 blank frames with the dates June 22-28. I will be blogging the experience throughout the week and including pictures of the show.

Blass was an influence on me as a strong American fashion designer and in my research for his portrait I found a quote of his that strengthened my interest in him as a person. He said, "The beauty of being able to draw, or paint, from an early age is that you never feel trapped, least of all by your immediate circumstances."

Bill Blass (drawing):

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