Monday, September 17, 2012

Stitched Portraits: Mickey Rourke

There is one movie star that reminds me of my father. Mickey Rourke is exactly that man. I've also enjoyed him in every movie I've ever seen him (including Spun).

Aside from his ridiculous fashion sense (I call it 'Johnny Depp meets Robert Downey Jr. and they share a trailer park home and go ridin' every day'), his gruff delivery (even when he was young and strapping, he had it), his career as a boxer (twice in his life, the second leading to his really bad plastic surgery) - he is also a profound lover of his little dogs. He has chihuahua mixed breeds and he loves them like the closest family. He even thanked one in his Golden Globe acceptance speech.

Mickey Rourke and Loki, a chihuahua/terrier:

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