Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stitched Portraits: Art Spiegelman

(b. Feb. 15, 1948) There are some artists who take longer to get to in your life and Spiegelman is one of those for me. However, due to my love of the Garbage Pail Kids (and my Pee-Wee trading cards), I guess I've loved his work for a long time. Also, a few years ago I stumbled across his McSweeney's published Be A Nose! named after my favorite moment in Bucket of Blood. I caught glimpses of Raw Magazine and thought where was this all my life. And now, finally, I am smack dab in the middle of Maus and although everyone has already called it brilliant, I will too.

(I think it's also important to note that another comics genius was born on this Mid-February date as well - Matt Groening. Groening and Spiegelman... same day, weird.) 

Art Spiegelman Glamour Shot:

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