Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stitched Portraits: The last day

I started this project one year ago on February 22. I had originally planned to stitch one portrait for every day of Lent. By Easter Sunday, I would have 40 portraits. I had also intended to do only historical figures but that changed early in the process when it was Abe Vigoda's birthday and I couldn't justify choosing anyone else.

As the project continued and I enjoyed making them, and since I liked the results, I started showing them to friends and one mentioned - "Since you're doing birthday portraits you're going to do the whole year, right?" After that comment I felt that I needed to follow through.

Today is February 21 and it marks the last portrait (Alan Rickman, for the curious). I will continue to post some of my favorites throughout the end of this month, but as of March 1st, new projects will be on the horizon. And after a year of doing this everyday, I am definitely excited for the change.

Thank you to all who have checked this blog regularly and supported me throughout the process. I could not have gotten through it without the encouragement.

Ricky Katowicz

And here, from last week, the most ridiculous Valentine ever -
(b. Feb. 14, 1942) Andrew Robinson (as Scorpio from Dirty Harry):

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