Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stitched Portraits: Giorgio De Chirico

(b. July 10, 1888)

The Metaphysical Painter, De Chirico was obsessed with self-portraiture. Dealing with themes of emptiness and space - his imagery was haunting and occasionally dream-like. This would explain why he so strongly influenced the Surrealists.

I always come back to his piece, Love Song from 1914.
It includes a prominently hung orange glove. I found the glove once, and i stole it:

I Stole De Chirico's Orange Glove, Ricky Katowicz, 2006 (Found orange glove, Found wood, Found nail, Found paper scrap, pencil, painter's tape)

Looking at this stupid piece every day in my studio always makes me smile.

And here, his stitched portrait - reminiscent:

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