Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stitched Portraits: Cat Stevens

During my freshman year at RISD, in 2002, I studied under Chunghie Lee, who encouraged me to use the sewing machine as a drawing tool. One of the first things I drew was a portrait of Cat Stevens. Essentially, he was the first stitched portrait I ever made.

Known for songs such as "Peace Train", "Wild World", and "Moonshadow", Cat Stevens is also responsible for the soundtrack to one of the greatest films of the seventies (Harold and Maude). He devoted his life to Islam after a near drowning in 1977 and has since gone by the name Yusuf Islam. He devotes his life now to bringing education, peace, and charity to the Muslim community.

Cat Stevens (by RK c. 2012 & c. 2002):

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