Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stitched Portraits: Spud Webb

Spud Webb is 5'7". I am 5'7". Spud Webb can dunk a basketball. I can't even touch the net. And back in his day Webb didn't just dunk a basketball - he won a slam dunk competition (c. 1986). That means he could also do tricks while jumping 10 feet in the air. Basically, he could jump over himself. I hope he had a good b-day yesterday. He has since retired from play, but continues to be involved with the game. Short basketball players don't happen every day. Celebrate it.

Spud Webb (in flight):

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  1. I love your work! Are any of these for sale? I would love to own the Spud Webb stitching. Let me know.

    -Matt Schatz