Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today is a Birthday: Stitched Portraits at the Craftland Gallery

The showing at the Craftland Gallery is in its final week and I wanted to share some of the images from it with the folks who could not be in Rhode Island. Also, as a reminder, there will be a live portrait stitching event this Thursday, July 26th. I'll be transporting my basement studio to Craftland and making three custom portraits in three hours. Nervous and excited...

Although the show features only a selction of the work, for the opening I also included one blank wall in the gallery that featured a series of framed calendar dates only. In the week that followed I returned to the gallery every day to hang the portraits as they were completed.

Below I've included some process shots:

In all, the experience of having my first solo show has been a positive and rich amount of work. I am thankful to the friends and family that have supported me in making it happen. And thank you to Jen and Deb from Craftland too!  

Now, I'll complete the rest of this year's portraits and any other projects and adventures that present themselves as this thing progresses. It's been kind of amazing to me already. Thanks for reading and looking at all these stitches...

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